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The passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1971 transformed generations of Alaska Native hunters, gatherers, and fishers into corporate executives and boards of directors overnight. ANCSA settled land claims between Alaska Natives and the U.S. federal government through the conveyance of 44 million acres of land to more than 200 newly created regional, village, and urban Alaska Native Corporations. This includes the establishment our parent company, Shee Atiká, an urban Alaska Native Corporation headquartered on the island community of Sitka, Alaska.  Learn more about ANCSA > 

Based in Huntsville, Alabama, our team at Shee Atiká Enterprises embraces innovation, invests in collaborative partnerships, and serves clients with an entrepreneurial spirit. As a small business, we're inherently more agile and adaptive to our government clients' ever-changing needs than large corporations, which tend to have bloated overhead costs, exhaustive chains of command, and marred with bureaucratic red tape.


With Shee Atiká Enterprises, project partners and clients have direct access to decision-makers and key personnel to foster stronger relationships, customized solutions, and better results for government contractors and agencies. Learn more about our services > 

We're here for a reason

Our community of employees and leadership work together as one team to deliver meaningful value to our shareholders, people, partners, and customers. The core of our work serves to grow benefits for our Shee Atiká shareholders and create a stronger future for our people.

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